# 1: Location, Location, Location

Nantucket Vacation Rental Areas

From Madaket in the West to Wauwinet in the East, each one of Nantucket's 15 communities offers something different.. Let's explore what each one has to offer.

Downtown, Cliff, Brant Point: Most people familiar with Nantucket usually lump these three areas together. They are the heart of the island, where most restaurants and shops are located. Renting in one of these three areas allows you to walk to dinner, shopping areas and several well-known beaches, such as Jetties, Children’s Beach, and Steps Beach.

In addition, Town, as these three areas are known, has the largest number of rental properties on the island at varied prices. The main disadvantage is that it is Town, and during the peak summer months of July and August it can be very hectic and crowded.

Dionis, Eel Point: In spite of being close  to Town, the Dionis and Eel Point areas are two of the least developed locations on island. This is due primarily to an impressive 270-acre contiguous tract of land in the communities that is a wildlife sanctuary for the plants and animals. Linda Lohring owned this breathtaking parcel until 2010, when she transferred the development rights to the Land Bank of Nantucket. This transaction preserved the land in perpetuity as a wildlife refuge.

Dionis and Eel Point Areas

Since that date, the properties in the Dionis/Eel Point area have increased in value dramatically. Today, the average home price for a property in Dionis/Eel Point is $4.54 million, and often the price per acre tops $2 million. Rental properties are usually at the very high-end of the market, demanding prices in the $14,000 to $65,000 per week range. Because of this, properties are usually recently renovated, with high-end appliances, lots of space, and often a pool, as well as central A/C.

Being located in the north of the island, beaches such as Dionis, Eel Point, and the 40th Pole benefit from some of the calm waters of Nantucket Sound. Because of this, they are ideal for small children and surf fishing. An additional benefit is that both the 40th Pole and Eel Point beaches allow on-beach driving (however, a permit is required, which it is often included in your rental agreement when you rent a vehicle).

Madaket and Tom Nevers: Although almost at opposite sides of the island (Madaket in the West and Tom Nevers in the East), these two communities share some striking characteristics. First and foremost, just like Cisco and Surfside, Madaket and the Tom Nevers beaches face the Atlantic ocean, and as such, have waves that are ideal for surfing, boogie boarding and other water sports. Second, the properties in Madaket and Tom Nevers tend to have some of the lowest rental prices on island, varying from $ 6,500 to $16,000 for average weekly rental prices. Madaket is also home to Madaket Millie’s, a well know restaurant where sunset dinners are just a jewel .

Cisco Beach Water Sports - ParasailCisco & Hummock Pond areas:

The Cisco and Hummock Pond areas have seen a renewal in home construction due in part to their proximity to Cisco Brewery and Bartlett’s Farm. Cisco Brewery offers a unique experience for many beachgoers who can sit, relax, and listen to great music while consuming great food and brews, including one of the best in the North East, Whale’s Tale. This all happens within a mile radius of Cisco beach, well known for it high waves, great surf fishing, and the surfing school, Nantucket Island Surf School (telephone: 508.560.1020). Rental prices in Cisco range from moderate ($8,000 to $12.000), to the extreme, ($25,000 to $65,000) a week.

‘Sconset (Siasconset, a Wampanoag Algonquian term meaning “place of great bones”): Located in the northeast of Nantucket island, ‘Sconset is well known for its rose covered cottages, a quaint downtown and the ‘Sconset Casino, an upscale community center  where the public can play tennis on some of the best clay courts (red clay) on the island between the hours of 12-3 pm every day. Prices in ‘Sconset for weekly rentals range from very reasonable ($5,000 a week) to the extreme ($25,000 to $35,000 a week). ‘Sconset provides easy access to two great bike paths, and ‘Sconset beach is a favorite place for young families. One of the best bargains for renters can be found on Baxter Road, on which a 5-bedroom waterfront property can go as low as $7,000 per week due to severe erosion of the coastline.

Surfside: Located on the south side of the Island, Surfside faces the Atlantic Ocean. Therefore, the beach at Surfside is known for big waves. Surfside’s popularity with renters has increased in recent years, and lots of new construction is available for rent, albeit, at high weekly prices. The main attraction of Surfside is of course the beach, which provides a wide swath of sand that is good for picnics, beach games and surf fishing . In addition, the beach at Surfside has ample facilities, including lifeguard, restrooms with diaper changing station, showers and food services.

Naushop & Nashaquissett: Located close to the Nantucket airport and the Nantucket High School, respectively, Naushop & Nashaquissett are two full-fledged communities on the island that provide their residents and visitors with a large set of amenities, including a club house, tennis courts, community swimming pool and many others. Prices are very reasonable for renters varying from $6,000 to $12,000 per week. Homes are well equipped, modern, and are good rental buys . However, the downside is that homes are very close to each other, and some of the Nantucket charm is just not there.

Monomoy, Shimmo, and Polpis: Monomoy, Polpis and Shimmo are all desirable areas located on Nantucket's Harbor, with great views of the ocean, as well as views of Nantucket Town. The areas are primarily residential but provide easy access to services such as the Stop & Shop at Sparks Avenue and a variety of restaurants. In addition, these areas provide easy access to the downtown, as they are only 7-10 minutes away by car. These communities boast ideal spots for shell fishing , scalloping, bird watching and various water sports. Rentals are sparse in these areas, and often demand high prices in the $14,000 to $65,000 per week range.

Polpis, Quidnet, Squam and Wauwinet: Polpis, Quidnet, Squam and Wauwinet are located along the eastern shore of the Island. These communities are known for their glorious landscapes, quiet nature walks and an abundance of wildlife. Availability of rentals is sparse, and works best for families looking to be away from it all. Weekly rental prices range from $6,500 to $18,000.

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