When is the ideal month/week to rent in Nantucket?

The definition of ideal varies from family to family. However, Nantucket is a favorite summer vacation spot for families with young children, who, unbridled from the school calendar, can go anytime during the summer. For such families, I strongly recommend the months of June and September. In June, especially the last two weeks, summer is in full bloom with average temperatures of 69o F (22o C) during the day. During this month, the island hosts lots of activities (such as the Book & Film Festival), and all of the restaurants, theaters and shops are open. In addition, the beaches provide endless recreation, albeit water temperatures can be on the refreshing (really cool) side. Prices during the month of June are without question the lowest of the season. For example, you can rent a 5 bedroom home in Town with central A/C, a media room and other amenities for around $8,000 per week.

Nantucket Rental CalendarSeptember also offers the same advantages of June with two major differences: 1) water temperatures in late August and September are warmer than during the rest of the summer (the average water temperature in September is 69o F (22o C)); and 2) prices are just a bit higher, more like $10,000 for the same home described above.

The peak weeks of July and August are usually the most expensive weeks to rent in Nantucket. However, every year, several weeks during the summer offer great bargains. These bargains in the Nantucket rental calendar are tied primarily to the summer camp schedule. In 2019, two weeks during the summer offer the greatest bargains in July and August. The weeks are: 1) the week of July 6-13; and 2) the week of August 24-31. Happy renting!